Professional Services


Bohemia Interactive Simulations offers professional services to help customers develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique simulation and training requirements.  Our team of programmers, designers, artists and support specialists are experts in their fields. Under a Professional Services arrangement, you might ask us to assist you with the following types of projects:    

  • debugging custom VBS scripts, 
  • 3D model creation or modification, 
  • terrain creation or modification, 
  • creating new terrains for different simulation runtimes, correlated with VBS, 
  • creating new scenarios or custom scripts, 
  • developing new VBS simulation engine features, 
  • integrating VBS with other simulations via HLA, DIS or CIGI, 
  • integrating VBS IG with new host simulations, 
  • Developing new Fusion plug-ins or debugging existing Fusion plug-ins, 
  • VBS3Fires or VBS3Fires FST support issues, and
  • integrating VBS with new types of hardware (e.g., Oculus Rift or LEAP Motion). 
Professionals Services can help you whether you are new to working with Bohemia Interactive Simulations' products or if you are highly familiar with simulation products and just want additional expert insight into the range of possibilities with our software.   




  Maximum flexibility


Our Professional Services provide you with maximum flexibility.   Our sales, support and technical teams works closely at the outset of your contract to understand your requirements and time constraints. We involve our technical team at the early stages of your professional services work to help assess your needs and discuss options to better meet your requirements. (Time spent in analysis does not cost toward your Professional Services hours.)

If you lack in-house developers or designers or demand quick turnaround on a project, BISim can provide a custom solution to help you meet your goals. Others who purchase Professional Services hours may have experienced staff, but want the ease of being able to access expert help when they have encountered issues to resolve. Whatever your professional services needs, BISim can help.   


  Engineering Support




In addition to having an expert resource on your side, working with our engineers can provide early insight into product improvements that can enhance your project. Depending on your needs, our Professional Services team offers support on-site at your location, over the phone, via remote video conferencing, by e-mail or at one of BISim’s offices.

Professional Services are pre-purchased in 10-hour blocks, which are "drawn down" as support staff or developers are engaged to assist you. Read more details about about Professional Services here.  

To contact a BISim representative about how our Professional Services team can help you, send an email to