VBS Tactics

Make Your Maneuver.

VBS Tactics
Make Your Maneuver.

VBS Tactics is an intuitive, web-based 2D software interface that allows users to conduct real-time tactical exercises up to the company level. The interface enables users to configure AI to follow doctrine-based orders of battle, plan a mission, run it in real-time, and review the results in after-action review.





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With VBS Tactics, you can

Configure orders of battle
Plan a mission with military symbology
Visualize your mission in real time within VBS3
Update tactical orders on-the-fly
Review the results in VBS3 AAR




VBS Tactics enables commanders to practice how to make tactical decisions.

VBS Tactics gives VBS3 administrators and simulation center managers the ability to control multiple entities as part of larger scenarios with standard VBS AI and first-person players.

VBS Tactics also supports pre-deployment and mission training, where VBS Tactics helps facilitate the visualization of a plan through both the Tactics 2D and VBS3 3D interfaces.



VBS Tactics brings traditional map-based exercises into the virtual world. By harnessing the power of the the VBS engine, VBS Tactics drives complex doctrine and procedures and allows the user to visualize them in the Virtual Battlespace.

Complex scenarios can be defined through the VBS Tactics timeline interface. This key feature allows synchronization of battlespace effects, creating a master events list that can be further updated and organized as events unfold.

Built on web-based technologies, VBS Tactics offers users flexibility to connect to servers across local area networks, wide area networks and across the internet. Tactics is ready to run on multiple devices and capable of running on multiple operating systems.


Take VBS3 to the next level with VBS Tactics, for administrators, trainees and commanders.

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